I'm a Research Associate in the Laboratory for the Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS), School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests are in networks, data science, and algorithmic spectral graph theory.

I am currently visiting the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley to participate in the fall program on Data Structures and Optimisation for Fast Algorithms.

I am developing the STAG open-source library of efficient spectral graph algorithms along with He Sun.


NeurIPS 2023 Spotlight

Fast Approximation of Similarity Graphs with Kernel Density Estimation

Peter Macgregor and He Sun

NeurIPS 2023

Fast and Simple Spectral Clustering in Theory and Practice

Peter Macgregor

ISAAC 2023

Is the Algorithmic Kadison-Singer Problem Hard?

Ben Jourdan, Peter Macgregor, and He Sun

arXiv conference

Tech. Report

Spectral Toolkit of Algorithms for Graphs: Technical Report (1)

Peter Macgregor and He Sun

arXiv PDF code

ICML 2022

A Tighter Analysis of Spectral Clustering, and Beyond

Peter Macgregor and He Sun

NeurIPS 2021

Finding Bipartite Components in Hypergraphs

Peter Macgregor and He Sun

ICML 2021 Oral

Local Algorithms for Finding Densely Connected Clusters

Peter Macgregor and He Sun

PhD Thesis

On Learning the Structure of Clusters in Graphs

Peter Macgregor, University of Edinburgh, 2022

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